Indoor Lighting

SBH LED Wall lights can be simply defined as lighting systems that have been installed along or at strategic areas of a wall. SBH LED wall lights are installed in a similar fashion. However, SBH LED Wall lights have different characteristics from other types of wall lights. Having pertinent information on them is the only way to understand how they should be used. Typically, SBH LED Wall lights are divided into outdoor and indoor wall lights.

In the present day, SBH LED indoor lighting is very popular especially when it comes to contemporary lighting. SBH LED Indoor lighting, especially on the walls, is one of the areas that SBH LED indoor lighting has had an impact on. There are a variety of styles available in SBH LED indoor lighting including low level (normally placed an inch above the floor), bathroom, normal and decorative and designer. The style of SBH LED indoor lighting will be determined by the settings of the room as well as the activities involved in the room. For example, low level SBH LED wall lights are normally used along staircases or corridors.

All these types of SBH LED indoor lighting have two major designs; permanent or rotating. The permanent option is mainly used on areas that need to have a constant source of light directed to them. The option is also popular for private places such as homes, offices and some business premises. The rotating option is normally associated with public places. Restaurants, clubs and meeting points might prefer using rotating SBH LED wall lights. Such SBH LED wall lights are easier to use when changing the interior decoration or atmosphere of an area.

Technically, all SBH LED indoor lighting have similar characteristics. To start with, SBH LED indoor lighting are made from metal or alloys of metal. Stainless steel, chrome and brass are the most common options you can come across in a building with such lights. Simple SBH LED wall lights use a single 12 watt bulb that provides Lumen 1,300 – 3,000K. Their shapes will vary, depending on the manufacturer, with most being oval, round, rectangular or cubed.

The input voltage of SBH LED wall lights is 100 – 240V, and it will be determined by the manufacturer of the same. Some SBH LED wall lights use up to 8 bulbs of 1 watt each although such models are used in areas that require more lighting such as large rooms. The warranty of SBH indoor LED wall lights will vary from 2 to 5 years.
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