Industrial Lighting

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are small semiconductor devices which produce light as a result of the flow of electrical current through them. SBH LED Industrial lighting are specially created lighting devices that are used to illuminate dark areas or to provide additional lighting to enhance productivity. Therefore SBH LED Industrial lighting can be described as devices designed to effectively light up a work space using LED technology.

SBH LED Industrial lighting sources are directional in nature. Hence, the light produced by SBH LED Industrial lighting can be efficiently channeled to light up any section of a workplace, including dark and occluded areas. In SBH LED Industrial lighting, the heat produced is handled differently from other light sources. Since SBH LED light don’t radiate heat, the heat produced from the energy passing into the device is drawn from the SBH LED light using a heat sink. The heat sink absorbs heat and passes it into the immediate environment. Thus SBH LED light are preserved from burning out.

The type of heat sink used by SBH LED Industrial lighting varies from one product to another. But products that have attained ENERGY STAR status are usually more reliable. These products have been thoroughly tested to ascertain that they manage heat effectively throughout the lifetime of the product.

SBH LED Industrial lighting have diverse applications ranging from simple workshop or studio use to heavy outdoor use. For instance, a number of photographers and cameramen now use this type of lights for studio lighting. SBH LED Industrial lighting are also attached to heavy vehicles like tractors, trucks and off-road vehicles. A good example is the use of certain SBH LED Industrial lighting with vehicles to aid in reversing, especially at night. SBH LED Industrial lighting are also used as marine lights underwater.
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