Office Lighting

SBH LED office lights are modern light fixtures used primarily in office spaces, educational centers and hospitals, as well as other public buildings. SBH LED office lights emit a diffuse, constant light, ideal for workspaces. Because of the lensed louver technology, SBH LED office lights offer a non-reflexive, relaxing light, with little to no reflection on computer displays which may otherwise hinder work.

SBH LED office lights are horizontal lighting fixtures and they can be installed either on the surface of the ceiling, in recessed locations or mounted on cables. Depending on the model, the housing is made of gauge cold rolled steel or extruded aluminum. The housing is further reinforced with embossments to ensure maximum durability and sturdiness. Featuring a unique doorframe design that has a mechanical light seal, SBH LED office lights does not require foam insulation (such as gaskets).

Smooth, hemmed sides and ends ensure easy and safe installation and maneuvering, while also offering a sleek look to the fixture. SBH LED office lights leaks are prevented with the help of specially designed light traps which are painted in matte black enamel paint. SBH LED office lights is finished with ultra resistant baked white enamel paint and it is further treated with a five stage phosphate bonding process.

The hinges and latches of SBH LED office lights are positive spring-loaded and the vents are finger-tip actuated. The flush steel door hinges of SBH LED office lights are located on both sides, offering maximum flexibility during installation and maintenance. Safety is further ensured by specially designed earthquake sensitive integral T-bar safety clips, which come standard on all models. The T bar clips of SBH LED office lights are designed to be easily adapted to any situation and can be securely attached to the ceiling system.

The lens system of SBH LED office lights is composed of an 100% acrylic translucent diffuse board with a prism pattern. SBH LED office lights is guaranteed to offer the best diffuse light with no shadows and blank spots. The low-profile and elegant design of SBH LED office lights is ideal for restricted plenum applications.
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