Outdoor Lighting

All SBH LED outdoor lights tend to have solid fixtures so as to withstand extreme weather conditions like wind, snow, rain and sunlight. SBH LED outdoor lights will vary according to the location they will be used. The same case will apply for SBH outdoor LED wall lights. For instance, an area with hot and dry weather most of the year will have lights made from metal and plastic. Areas that are wet and cool have lights made from heavy duty plastic, stainless steel and rubber caps.

SBH LED street lights that are based on a 90-100lmW output LED can usually produce higher or similar amount of luminance as traditional lights. At the same time, SBH LED street lights will require half the power consumption of traditional lights. Furthermore, SBH LED outdoor lighting typically does not fail in similar fashion as normal lighting. Instead, it decreases in output to the point that it is ineffective and replacement has to be done.

The major attraction of  SBH LED street lights is energy efficiency when compared to other street lighting technologies such as MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium). Researchers are constantly looking for ways that SBH LED street lights improve efficiency of upcoming models of SBH LED outdoor lighting. A good example is a product that was created by LSGC (Lighting Science Group Corporation). One of the models SBH LED outdoor lighting has produced is does not only possess 60% more efficiency than previous models, but it also has a lifespan of a dozen years.

Heat sinks used in the manufacturer of all SBH LED outdoor lighting have a similar design to those used to cool electronic devices such as amplifiers and computers. To assist hot air flow away from the LEDs, heat sinks have as many grooves as possible. All SBH LED street lights’ lifespan is directly affected by the region of heat exchange on their heat sink. Compared to SBH LED street lights original design specification, the lifespan of SBH LED based street lights is determined by their light output. SBH LED street lights of this nature can be considered to be towards its end once its brightness has decreased by 30 percent.

A large number of SBH LED street lights possess a lens on their LED panel. The lens has been designed with the intention of casting light it provides in a rectangular pattern. When compared to any common traditional street lights, this is an advantage since traditional lights use a reflector on the backside of a high pressure sodium lamp. 
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