Sport, Landscape and Street lighting

SBH LED Landscape lights are used to provide illumination to outdoor areas for either aesthetic, functional or security reasons. Typically, SBH LED Landscape lightS are used in public parks, commercial lots, residential units with large compounds, and during outdoor social events.

Before the arrival of SBH LED Landscape lights, the niche was dominated by halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lights. However, the continuous improvements in SBH LED landscape lights efficacy and long-term cost savings has radically transformed the face of the industry. Today, commercial and end buyers will invariably gravitate towards LED-based solutions for their landscape lighting needs.

SBH LED street lights, also known as SBH LED roadway lighting in some parts of the world, is a light emitting diode (LED) light fixture that is integrated, and used to light streets / roads. SBH LED street lights are the current trend in lighting most streets and roads in developed and developing countries.

Unlike traditional street lights, the light source of these lights is LEDs. SBH LED street lights are normally referred to as integrated lights simply because their fixture and luminaries are a single part. During the manufacturing process, sealing of SBH LED street light cluster is done on a panel before assembly to the LED panel is done. Sealing (the step that makes it an integrated system) is done using a heat sink.

SBH LED street lights has many designs that have been created which incorporate various LED types into a light fixture. The most current trend is using 1 watt high powered LEDs. Although this is the case, some companies are still using low powered LEDs in SBH LED street lights. There are some manufacturers who have even packed together low power LEDs to carry out the same function as a single high powered SBH LED lights. The shape of SBH LED street lights is determined by several factors with those with the most impact being aesthetic design preferred, heat sink used and LED configuration.
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