LED Accessories

There are two classifications of SBH LED light control available in the market, Constant Voltage and Constant Current drivers. Constant Current SBH LED light control and Dimmable SBH LED light control typically have an inconsistent range in voltage and a steady current output which permits the driver to automatically supply the voltage based on the number of LEDs on the string. In order to operate and function, drivers require a minimum and maximum voltage.

Dimmable SBH LED light control as the name suggests offer dimming control i.e. the ability to control the light intensity produced by SBH LED light. Dimmable SBH LED light control have numerous applications i.e. making; stadium flashlights, security lights, theatre/stage lighting, LED home lighting, traffic signal lighting, LED decorative lighting among many other types of lights which need light intensity control and regulated currents. In most cases, SBH LED light require real-time LED output intensity changes a function popularly known as dimming control. Dimmable SBH LED light control are categorized according to the series. Below are some of the common dimmable  SBH LED light control series in the market today.
Accessories for SBH LED light is a converter board that allows you to power SBH LED light. The device performs a simple but quite important function, converting constant voltage wall power to a specified output current.
Accessories for SBH LED light are constant current power supplies. Accessories for SBH LED light take an input voltage (generally line voltage) and convert it to a few hundred milliamps constant current. They do this because LEDs are constant current devices.

Fixture for SBH LED tube, if plugged directly into the wall, would explode. It would attempt to allow infinite current through, until the current created an overload condition. Fixture for SBH LED tube prevents this from happening.

SBH LED power supply and socket is used for providing constant power supply to SBH LED light arrangements that have special requirements. A 12V SBH LED power supply and socket provides 12 volts of constant electricity to the SBH LEDs it is connected to, and also offers additional functions. The dimming lights function is highly popular among customers.
Today SBH LED lights are replacing the traditional lighting methods at a very fast pace. SBH LED lights are more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lighting and can greatly reduce energy costs.
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