LED Bulb Lights

SBH LED bulb lights are gaining momentum in today’s markets. They solve a huge number of environmental and economic problems that have plagued many users of traditional types of lamps. SBH LED bulb lights are used in many common fixtures, including track lighting, accent lighting, outdoor spotlights and room lighting. Owing to the high efficiency of LED light technology, SBH LED bulb lights have transformed the lighting tradition across the globe.

SBH LED bulb lights have an outstandingly long lifespan. Some can last up to 50,000 hours, making them an ideal option for hard-to-reach lighting. Moreover, SBH LED bulb lights have no moving parts or filament which makes them extremely durable. However, most SBH LED bulb lights cannot be completely enclosed in a fixture since heat decreases their lifespan. In this case it is important to opt for SBH LED bulb lights that can withstand humid outdoor conditions.
Another great feature of SBH LED bulb lights is that they do not have mercury content. And since these lights do not depend on any kind of inert gases, they are environmental-friendly, and the materials of which they are made of are practically unbreakable as compared to those of standard lamps.

When it comes to wattage, SBH LED bulb lights use a lot less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. In that case, SBH LED bulb lights provide substantially more illumination with smaller wattage. For example, a 9 Watt SBH LED bulb lights is equivalent to a 45W incandescent bulb, although the brightness level may differ.

Depending on where the SBH LED bulb lights is situated on the color temperature spectrum, there can be all kinds of colors blue, green, red, yellow and shades of white. Another aspect of SBH LED bulb lights color is the color rendering index (CRI). These bulbs give great color rendering, which is the capability of a bulb to display the true color of objects. The best SBH LED bulb lights produce light whose CRI is 85%, so there is a great diversity in these SBH LED bulb lights. Usually, the greater the CRI value, the greater the number of objects illuminated by SBH LED bulb lights, which will appear natural.
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