LED Candle Light

SBH LED candle lights is a light bulb that uses LEDs as its filaments. Light is emitted from LED SMD chip and evenly in all directions, instead of focusing it in a specific area in the way that many LED light bulbs do. It features a close resemblance with the traditional incandescent bulb.  A superfluous aluminum die cast for heat dissipation was no longer required. SBH LED candle lights are perfect for homes, hotels, restaurants, bars and places where classic style and appearance is critical.

SBH LED candle lights also distribute omni-directional light. They feature a 360 degrees view angle with very clear glass. This is contrary to other LED bulbs that provide light in only one direction. A crystal clear glass bulb and the creative arrangement of the tiny LED bulbs make this multi-directional lighting possible. While keeping the elegant shape and shining light, the high quality light, with 470 lumens output, remains as clear and bright as a 40W incandescent bulb. There is no delay in illumination when switched on. All the electronics is nestled inside the screw base which is almost not visible. The light produced by SBH LED candle lights is incredibly similar to natural light. But it does not have any infrared or ultraviolet radiation and it is uniform and soft on the eyes.

SBH LED candle lights fits well into all the lighting fixtures that used the outdated incandescent light bulbs. After the regulations that banned the sale of the traditional light bulbs, several homeowners could not put in compact fluorescent bulbs or other bogus LED lights into most of these old fixtures and chandeliers. But SBH LED candle lights design makes it easy to reuse these old and attractive lighting fixtures.
SBH LED candle lights have remarkable energy efficiency. In fact, they offer up to 90 percent energy savings over ordinary incandescent light bulbs. For instance, if you obtain a SBH LED candle lights that uses 4W, it will offer the same amount of illumination of an incandescent bulb with a 40W rating. Currently, there are SBH LED candle lights that provide daylight (4500K or more) at 9 watts while others that produce a warm white (2700K) or yellow glow consume 6 watts or less.

Long life is a distinguishing feature of  SBH LED candle lights. SBH LED candle lights are built to last for more than 30,000 hours of use. This extended lifespan is enhanced by a constant current source that ensures stability of parameters and prolongs the life of the bulb. Hence, the cost of investing in SBH LED candle lights will provide cost savings for up to 4 decades in some cases. That is why most manufacturers back up their products with warranties that last for up to 10 years.
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