LED Down Light Shape Round

LED Down Light Shape Round
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SBH LED down light shape round is beginning to dominate the lighting market and for good reason. SBH LED down light shape roundprovide ample lighting in a room while giving additional touch of sophistication and design enhancement. SBH LED down light shape round are some of the latest advancements in recessed lighting technology, providing greater longevity, safety and affordability.

Handy Features of SBH LED down light shape round. SBH LED down light shape round has many great features offering a viable alternative to CFL and incandescent bulbs. The brightness and physical size of these lights vary significantly, ranging from large commercial units of around 160mm or so, to small decorative models of about 50mm in diameter. SBH LED down light shape round also come in a wide range of surrounds, lumen packages and designs to suit any design requirements.

Compared to the halogens,SBH LED down light shape round use much less wattage depending on the model. SBH LED down light shape round utilize 3-40 Watts to produce the same light output as an equivalent halogen bulb. In addition to this, SBH LED down light shape round are unmatched in energy efficiency and ensure tremendous savings. In fact when compared to a CFL bulb, SBH LED down light shape round is up to 50% more energy-efficient, and the best thing is that it does not contain mercury, a toxic substance that requires special disposal.

These great SBH LED down light shape round are basically made up of two main parts, aside from the bulb. These are the housing, which is the fixture used to hold the light in place and the trim, which is the visible part of the light. There are a large variety of trim designs available for different decors, ranging from metal to plastic and from chrome to color, etc.

Features of Round Led Bulbs :

Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off, etc.

Applications of Round Led Panel Light :

Hotels, Hospitals, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Retail Lighting & Common Area Lighting, etc.

Packing of Round Led Lamp:

. Each one into a color box or white box.
. Then put into a carton.
. Finally put on pallet.

Round Led Bulbs Specification


Aluminum + Plastic / Aluminum + Glass


Isolated / Non-Isolated

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V / 220V / 110V

Frequency Range

50 Hz - 60Hz


3W / 4W / 6W / 9W / 12W / 15W / 18W / 24W / 36W

Led Type

2835 / 5730

Size (mm)

90 / 110 / 120 / 145 / 175 / 190 / 225 / 300

Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


Power Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency


Led Luminous Efficiency

>90 lm/w


Cool White / Warm White


Cool White (C/W) 5000K-6500K

Warm White (W/W) 2700K-3900K



Led Viewing Angle



Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection



Sample of LED Down Light Shape Round
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