LED Full Plastic Bulb Light type 3

LED Full Plastic Bulb Light type 3
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Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have revolutionized and improved the lighting scene with superb quality and energy efficiency. In fact, it uses about 20 percent of the energy that is typically required to power an energy-saving halogen lamp or traditional filament bulb for the similar light output. With this feature, SBH LED full plastic bulb light can make a huge contribution on your goals of cutting down utility expenses.

Another reason why SBH LED full plastic bulb light are efficient to use is their long life span. A typical SBH LED full plastic bulb light lasts up to 25,000 hours and without any reduction on the light output. If you keep the lights on for about 8 hours per day, that gives the bulb an immense life expectancy of nearly 10 years.

Furthermore, SBH LED full plastic bulb light have a directional light source. This means you can have greater control over the light, and this translates to minimal wastage of energy and less harm to the environment. Whenever you purchase SBH LED full plastic bulb light for your home, you are also doing mother nature a favor because of the earth-friendly properties of this lighting option.

The construction of SBH LED full plastic bulb light is solid and compact, and they have no filament. This feature makes the light absolutely durable and less prone to damages, as compared to typical energy-efficient bulbs. In addition, the quality of light remains constantly bright even after several hours of uses. These qualities make the SBH LED full plastic bulb light superior to other lighting options.

In terms of safety, SBH LED full plastic bulb light do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent or energy-saving bulbs. Since typical bulbs have mercury content, you need to handle them with care to prevent injuries or damages. On the other hand, SBH LED full plastic bulb light  are safer to use because of their solid built and mercury-free features.

Features of Plastic LED Lights:

Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off, etc.

Applications of Large Plastic Light Globes:

Hotels, Hospitals, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Retail Lighting & Common Area Lighting, etc.

Packing of Plastic Light Globes:

. Each one into a color box or white box.
. Then put into a carton.
. Finally put on pallet.

Plastic LED Lights Specification


Full Plastic

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V / AC220V / AC110V

Frequency Range

50 Hz - 60Hz


3W / 5W / 7W / 9W / 12W 

Led Type

5730 / 2835

Led QTY (pcs) 

2835: 9 / 16 / 21 / 30 / 45       5730: 6 / 9 / 12 / 18 / 24

Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


Power Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency


Led Luminous Efficiency

>90 lm/w


Cool White / Warm White


Cool White (C/W) 5000K-6500K

Warm White (W/W) 2700K-3900K



Led Viewing Angle



Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection



Lamp Holder

E14 / E27 / B22

Sample of LED Full Plastic Bulb Light type 3
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