LED Golden Color UFO Light

LED Golden Color UFO Light
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SBH LED golden color UFO light is more efficient, will last you for longer than ever before, and use up to 85% less electricity than the old bulbs that you may currently be using. Look at changing them now in order to really benefit from these savings and cut back on just wasting money around your room.

The efficiency is often the main factor when changing to bulbs that contain new technology and the main things that you should know about SBH LED golden color UFO light is that they generally offer you over 50,000 hours of light before they will have to be replaced and this basically means that they will last you for over ten years. During this time SBH LED golden color UFO light will also use around 85% less electricity and it is clear that this will then equate into substantial savings in your electricity bill with the bulbs effectively paying for themselves.

SBH LED golden color UFO light come mainly with both of the bayonet cap and screw cap fitting, but even though there are not the options with the fittings there are options when it comes to wattages with these bulbs offering you different levels of brightness allowing them to be used in a range of situations. What you will find is that wattages will range from 5W, with this coming with UFO shaped version, to the 9W standard and also the 12W version. Do note that these wattages are the most common, but others can often be made available from different wattage should you require to us.

When looking at the wattages of SBH LED golden color UFO light it is important to know that thanks to changes in technology the numbers are lower, but they do still offer you the same amount of light as older models. In order to show how this is indeed the case it is worth noting that 7W SBH LED golden color UFO light is going to generally offer you the equivalent light of the older 50W bulb with this going up to 80W with the 7W version. SBH LED golden color UFO light do also come in a couple of color options with them generally being cool or warm white with warm giving a slightly more yellow shade to the light.

Features of LED Golden Color UFO Light:

Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off, etc.

Applications of LED Golden Color UFO Light:

Hotels, Hospitals, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Retail Lighting & Common Area Lighting, etc.

Packing of LED Golden Color UFO Light:

. Each one into a color box or white box.
. Then put into a carton.
. Finally put on pallet.

LED Golden Color UFO Light Specification


Aluminum + Plastic

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V / 220V / 110V

Frequency Range

50 Hz - 60Hz


5W / 7W / 9W / 12W / 18W / 24W / 36W / 50W / 60W / 72W

Led Type


Led QTY (pcs)

9 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 72 / 98 / 120

Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


Power Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency


Led Luminous Efficiency

>90 lm/w


Cool White / Warm White


Cool White (C/W) 5000K-6500K

Warm White (W/W) 2700K-3900K



Led Viewing Angle



Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection



Lamp Holder

E14 / E27 / B22

Sample of LED Golden Color UFO Light
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