LED Green Strip

LED Green Strip
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SBH LED strip light illuminations are noted for their even and warm chromatic dispersion. The field of dispersion for SBH LED strip light,  customarily fixed between 15 to 45 degree angles, allows for optimal array configurations that produce more focused and denser beams. SBH LED strip light LED emissions are also noted for their close similarity to the sun's natural white light wavelengths.

Features Motion sensor-equipped SBH LED strip light have become quite popular with commercial and high end residential units. The quick activation time of SBH LED strip lightmakes it a perfect match for sensitive and long range motion sensors (30 ft. – 300 ft.). Also, repeated activation and shutdowns do not cause performance issues with SBH LED strip light.

SBH LED strip light are generally used outdoors, and thus, require great resistance against the weather and small animals. SBH LED strip light, usually built with less components compared to other forms of lighting devices, are well-suited for the rigorous demands of the outdoors. Weather resistant casings and tight seals are standard design features. However, sinceSBH LED strip light performance is affected by high operating temperature, units are often equipped with heat sinks to siphon off excess heat.

The lifespan ofSBH LED strip light are expected to be approximately 50-100 times that of other bulb variations. In fact, a study conducted by Cambridge University revealed that certain SBH LED strip light could stay lighted continuously for 11 years! This has naturally raised concerns with major lighting manufacturers over future business models. However, tellingly, it has not stopped the focus on SBH LED strip light in their R&D budget. The CEO of Philips Lighting has even gone on record stating that the company will not be “spending one dollar” for future fluorescent research.

Features of Green Led Light Strips:

Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off, etc.

Applications of Green Strip Lights:

Hotels, Hospitals, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Retail Lighting & Common Area Lighting, etc.

Packing of Lime Green Led Light Strips:

. Each one into a color box or white box.
. Then put into a carton.
. Finally put on pallet.

Green Led Light Strips Specification

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V / 220V / 110V

Frequency Range

50 Hz - 60Hz



Led Type

3014 / 2835 / 5050 / 5730

Led QTY (pcs)


Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


Power Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency


Led Luminous Efficiency

>90 lm/w






Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection



Sample of LED Green Strip
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