LED Holiday Lights

LEDs (light emitting diode) are essentially diodes that use only electrical current flowing in one direction, commonly known as direct current. In conventional LED lights, a converter circuit, called a driver, is required to convert the high AC voltage to a lower DC voltage with a constant current for the LED light engine. However, the converter circuit not only increases costs but also shortens the lifespan of the LED lights.

However, SBH LED festival lights can be connected directly to normal power supplies (usually 110V at 60Hz or 230V at 50Hz) and do not require a driver, like normal LEDs. The sinusoidal waveform circuit means that at each particular time half the LEDs are off while the other half is on, emitting light. This stage is reversed and repeated continually and, thus producing a constant stream of light.

SBH LED festival lights can operate directly from the normal power supply and work on voltages from as low as 12V to up to 240V. Common models use a 55V peak for the rising edge or a 110V trailing edge. Many modern SBH LED festival lights use a high performance electronic transformer which is capable of a very high intensity signal (typically over 1,000Hz), meaning that flicker is not problem and the light is continuous.

There are three types of SBH LED festival lights available on the market: low-voltage SBH LED festival lights, high-voltage direct SBH LED festival lights and high-voltage rectified SBH LED festival lights. Smaller fixtures used in private gardens or small architectural light units use low-voltage SBH LED festival lights, which operate between 12V to 24V. High-voltage SBH LED festival lights typically operate between 15V to 55V and can work in combined settings to reach the desired voltage, with a maximum combined value of 277V. This means that the applications of  SBH LED festival lights can range from small cove lighting and retail lighting to various light fixtures for alleys, roadways or parking areas. High-voltage rectified SBH LED festival lights are specially designed to stop the current from running too high during peak usage, thus reducing damage to the LEDs.
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