LED Purple Strip

LED Purple Strip
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There are three major optics for three SBH LED strip light: wall washing, wall grazing and cove lighting. SBH LED strip lightcome with adjustable mounting systems for precise fixture angle. SBH LED strip lightis slightly dimmable and there are no socket shadows whatsoever, thanks to the exact use of light output (unlike it happens with fluorescent fixtures where socket shadows are very common. The color temperatures usually range between 2700K and 6500K, and SBH LED strip light can come with continuous lighting effects.

Fortunately, the price forSBH LED strip light had dropped considerably, and although SBH LED strip light are a bit more pricey than incandescent bulbs you will save more money in the long run, because they are more energy-efficient. The lifespan of SBH LED strip light is usually between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, but the average life is reduced if they are operated at a higher temperature than recommended. Typically, incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of no more than 1,000 hours, while CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs) have a life of about 5,000 hours. SBH LED strip light, on the other hand, can maintain an efficient output light intensity even after their life-times.

Another important aspect regarding high power SBH LED strip light is that they are free of mercury and they are available with a wide range of color properties. The technology used when manufacturing LED of SBH LED strip light is improving rapidly, and more efficient and cost-effective  SBH LED strip lightare being released on the market every day. The typical SBH LED strip light uses no less than 60 individual light emitting diodes for mains voltage power.
SBH LED strip light for general purposes emit light in a small band of wavelengths – in order to emit purple light, SBH LED strip light have two options: they either use phosphor in order to convert some of the light to various other colors, or they mix the light that results from green, red and blue LED. SBH LED strip light are available in various colors, but yellow, purple, red, green, blue, whiteand RGB is the most common choice.

Features of Purple Led Strip:

Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off, etc.

Applications of Purple Led String Lights:

Hotels, Hospitals, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Retail Lighting & Common Area Lighting, etc.

Packing of Purple Led Bulb:

. Each one into a color box or white box.
. Then put into a carton.
. Finally put on pallet.

Purple Led Strip Specification

Input Voltage

AC85V-265V / 220V / 110V

Frequency Range

50 Hz - 60Hz



Led Type

3014 / 2835 / 5050 / 5730

Led QTY (pcs)


Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Factor


Power Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency


Led Luminous Efficiency

>90 lm/w






Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection



Sample of LED Purple Strip
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