LED Tube

SBH LED tube can be used in a number of locations in and around the home and you have a series of options available depending on your exact needs. SBH LED tube come in various lengths, wattages, and even different covers to alter the light and when you then add in the fact that they are more efficient than fluorescent tubes that preceded them, then it is clear why you need to look at changing to these newer models.

When it comes to SBH LED tube efficiency and the amount of electricity they use, then the first thing to know is that they generally need 80% less electricity to work when compared to older models. This does of course mean that you can make substantial savings throughout the life of SBH LED tube and when they tend to average lasting for around 40,000 hours, then it means you will save a lot of money over the years. SBH LED tube will also meet all of the safety standards and they do not produce any UV or IR radiation making them completely safe to use.

Choosing the cover of SBH LED tube does have an impact on how much light you then get out and the three main types available are a transparent cover, prismatic cover, and a frosted cover. These different covers are also available in various lengths and you will typically find SBH LED tube being available in sizes ranging from 2ft up to 8ft in size depending on your needs.

As the size of SBH LED tube increases so does the number of watts that it offers you and most manufacturers will tend to work to the following scale although there could be slight differences depending on who actually makes SBH LED tube. On average, the 2ft tube will use approximately 9W with this increasing to 14W for the 3ft tube, 18W for the 4ft and 22W for the 5ft, 24W for the 6ft, 48W for the 8ft. These wattages may sound rather low, but it is important to point out that the 18W SBH LED tube can be the equivalent of the old 60W bulb and this means you will get more than enough light especially when you consider that it still emits up to 1260 lumens.

Finally, SBH LED tube will often have a number of shades of light to offer you depending on how bright you want it or if you need SBH LED tube that has a more yellow tinge to it. The most common SBH LED tube to choose from are daylight, natural white, cool white, and warm white with warm being the one that gives the softest glow so do keep this in mind when looking to buy SBH LED tube.
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