LED UFO Lights

SBH LED UFO lights offer the opportunity to replace compact fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lamps with a more energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally option: a LED light source that can be used for general lighting purposes. SBH LED UFO lights are very easy to install and use, they require little to no maintenance and they can last for more than two decades, if used properly.

What truly makes SBH LED UFO lights very eco-friendly is not only the low energy consumption, but also the fact that they contain no mercury whatsoever and they also last considerably longer than incandescent or halogen lights, which means the rate of disposal is lower. In addition to that, another important benefit of SBH LED UFO lights is that they fit into the regular light fittings, and the light is provided instantly after you flick the switch.

SBH LED UFO lights are dimmable,  SBH LED UFO lights have no mercury and they have a sleek, elegant robust design. Moreover, SBH LED UFO lights are cool to the touch and they can deliver up to 430 lumens, sometimes even more depending on the type of bulb.

Another important feature that must be mentioned is that SBH LED UFO lights start instantaneously and they provide between 25000-30000 hours rated life. They can replace 40W ordinary bulb with 9W SBH LED UFO lights, and 25W ordinary bulbs with 5W .SBH LED UFO lights.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of SBH LED UFO lights and every type is designed for a specific use. Two of the most popular and most advantageous types are the warm white SBH LED UFO lights and the daylight SBH LED UFO lights. The warm white SBH LED UFO lights are especially designed for tranquil environments, while the latter ones have a base that is thermally managed to ensure an even light distribution, thus SBH LED UFO lights are perfect for day-to-day use in any environment. Moreover, the daylight  SBH LED UFO lightsalso have a life expectancy of no less than 10 years.
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