Wires & Plug & Socket For LED Light

Wires & Plug & Socket For LED Light
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Unlike ordinary residences, high-ceiling spaces have special lighting requirements. That’s why clients in industrial applications are constantly on the lookout for the most efficient way to provide illumination for their facilities. Thanks to new generation SBH LED high bay light, low-performing HID fixtures can now be replaced for good.

Unlike their predecessors, SBH LED high bay light provide better efficiency while saving on costs.  SBH LED high bay light also emit uniform light, reduce carbon footprint, and thus increase workers’ productivity.

Here, we detail the features of SBH LED high bay light luminaries, including the following: light color, lumen output and efficiency, and materials.

As far as types are concerned, these high-ceiling SBH LED high bay light are classified into two types based on size or number of LED pods: 2-pod and 4-pod. There is not much difference between these two versions, but since each pod contains high output LEDs, 4-pods provide better illumination.

As the LED lighting industry continues to progress, manufacturers constantly produce high-efficient SBH LED high bay light. Efficiency in these lights is measured in terms of lumens-per-watt (lpw), so the higher the digits one sees on the label, the more efficient a particularSBH LED high bay light is.

While LED prototypes can have as high as 200 lpw, commercially availableSBH LED high bay light  can only have an average efficiency of 82 lum/w. Still, LEDs with 82 lum/w are more than efficient enough to light a large warehouse.

SBH LED high bay light for aesthetics purposes can have multi-color lights. For instance, submersibleSBH LED high bay light can give a pink or baby pink glow when turned on. But with SBH LED high bay light, the light color is maintained to white. Some emit neutral white (4000 K) while others emit warm white (3000 K).

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